Professional Small Claims Court Paralegal in Toronto, ON


Small Claims Court, despite its name, is a big deal. Just because the monetary disputes dealt with in Small Claim Courts are small, it doesn’t mean the money doesn’t matter to you. In Ontario, you can sue for up to $25,000, which is no small amount when you need it.

But to succeed in Small Claims Court, you need organized evidence to support your claim. With help from a Small Claims Court paralegal from Webley Legal Services (WLS), you can  be successful in court and collect the money you need. WLS provide paralegal services in the Toronto, ON and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Contact WLS today to make an appointment.

Why Retain a Paralegal?

 Small Claims Court actions are resolved without formal legal representation. However, since you represent yourself in Small Claims Court, you are responsible for presenting evidence to support your action.

But you don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, if you want the best chances of  succeeding, retain an experienced paralegal for assistance in the courtroom. You can retain Webley Legal Services for the following types of hearings:

  • Assessment hearings
  • Garnishment hearings
  • Motions
  • Settlement conferences
  • Terms of payment hearings
  • Trials

With the legal knowledge, WLS can help you be prepared for the events in your Small Claims Court hearing.

Why Choose Webley Legal Services?

 Webley Legal Services is dedicated to providing excellent-quality paralegal services in Toronto, ON and the GTA. WLS has been in business since 2015, which means you can trust their knowledge of the legal system to be up to date.

WLS typically charge an hourly rate or a negotiated flat-rate fee for Small Claim Court actions, with the exception of trials, in which case the fee may change if your case is more complex. Accepted payment methods include Visa, Master Card, and debit card, as well as cheques. 

To schedule your consultation, contact Webley Legal Services by calling (647) 821-8515.